Time to Get Serious About Cyber Security

The recent upswing in viruses called “ransom ware”, which encrypt your data for money (as opposed to just deleting it for fun), is alarming. I believe it’s just a matter of time before imitators by the dozens will be cloaked as legitimate messages, begging to be clicked on. At ClickIT, we’ve definitely a lot of customers coming into the store with Cryptolocker lately.  Most have said to just wipe and reformat their infected computer, but one in particular was negatively effected, with hours of time and expense. (See last week’s blog.)

It is time, therefore, for everyone to get serious about cyber security.  How you start is by first writing down and then implementing a plan.  I have gathered links to useful information about cyber security, to help you get started:



Since I wrote this draft above which was never published (back in 2013), there has been a lot of realization by all of us with regard to security and how to combat it. Several industries have published and are starting to enforce “best practices” with regard to how companies use, store and distribute electronic information. At Click IT, to better address these needs, we have formed a division called “Click IT Compliance Services”.

More will follow about this soon, but the idea is to have a group of IT professional with their complete focus on compliance of information security and privacy policy rules.


President and CEO of The Click IT Group of companies and IT services, including managed services, web site development, SEO/SEM search engine marketing, video production, web applications, email hosting, IP phone systems and more. See www.clickitgroup.com for more information.

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