Time to Get Serious About Cyber Security

The recent upswing in viruses called “ransom ware”, which encrypt your data for money (as opposed to just deleting it for fun), is alarming. I believe it’s just a matter of time before imitators by the dozens will be cloaked as legitimate messages, begging to be clicked on. At ClickIT, we’ve definitely a lot of customers coming into the store with Cryptolocker lately.  Most have said to just wipe and reformat their infected computer, but one in particular was negatively effected, with hours of time and expense. (See last week’s blog.)

It is time, therefore, for everyone to get serious about cyber security.  How you start is by first writing down and then implementing a plan.  I have gathered links to useful information about cyber security, to help you get started:



Since I wrote this draft above which was never published (back in 2013), there has been a lot of realization by all of us with regard to security and how to combat it. Several industries have published and are starting to enforce “best practices” with regard to how companies use, store and distribute electronic information. At Click IT, to better address these needs, we have formed a division called “Click IT Compliance Services”.

More will follow about this soon, but the idea is to have a group of IT professional with their complete focus on compliance of information security and privacy policy rules.


For more than 30 years I have built new, innovative products and services that make life better. I am a driven, passionate and thoughtful developer, who is results-oriented, with the 30,000-foot view but also eager to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. I currently enjoy working at the helm of Click IT (an MSP with a brick-and-mortar IT services store in Chagrin Falls, Ohio), while consulting with clients to help them with their own businesses, increasing sales, securing their IT infrastructure and helping to improve their operational efficiency using state-of-the-art technologies we offer. While I enjoy most the creative aspects of any project, some of my most rewarding experiences have come from helping others realize their true potential with the implementation of simple tools and techniques. Many times I already have the tools available and need only to show how to leverage them for their benefit. Whether it is working with entire organizations or coaching individuals, I love also improving productivity. In my current businesses, we find easy ways to doing just about anything technically complicated and then try to systematize the process. Many of our IT products came about this way. (See https://clickitwebsitedesign.com/shop.) I take great pride in my individual capacity for working smarter and I’m not talking about not taking shortcuts or compromising quality. I embrace the “Work smarter not harder” philosophy, but this is always a process of learning new things.

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