Windows Updates – a Strategy for Reducing those Pesty Interuptions

Have you every woken up early, anxious and excited to work on something you thought of during the night, just to discover your computer needs an update. The computer lags along slowly while the hard disk is chumming away and sometimes all you can do is wait and suffer through it.  I have had this happen to me too many times and decided I needed to find a better solution.

As a manage service provider, Click IT provides our customers with “managed” updates which we do during the night on their servers and workstations. In this way we don’t disturb their work during normal business hours nor do we make their systems behave sluggishly. Why haven’t I been able to manage my own computers in such a manner? Well I have discovered it is because of several reasons which I list below. 

During the day I will use up to six different computers. (I know this is not typical.) I have two laptops, use in the office about three desktops and in my home office I also have a desktop I use — so obviously I have a lot of systems I have to update, which is what makes this exercise so important to me. 

I have dealt with the interruption that updates caused me in the past, when a system goes into an update, simply by skipping over to another computer. But this hasn’t always been convenient. 

Here a list of things to consider:

1) Speed of the computer:  Computers, or at least my laptops, are old. I believe I have an eye three and one of them and an old Intel be 950 processor in the other (don’t know what version of Intel this is).

To be continued…


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