Windows Updates – a Strategy for Reducing those Pesty Interuptions

Have you every woken up early, anxious and excited to work on something you thought of during the night, just to discover your computer needs an update. The computer lags along slowly while the hard disk is chumming away and sometimes

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Some Simple Steps to Protect Against Cyber Crime

We all like the convenience of online banking, the use of easy credit and getting immediate updates from our Facebook friends or posting on Instagram.  But with this new freedom to connect and the advent of Cloud computing, we now

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Time to Get Serious About Cyber Security

The recent upswing in viruses called “ransom ware”, which encrypt your data for money (as opposed to just deleting it for fun), is alarming. I believe it’s just a matter of time before imitators by the dozens will be cloaked

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Introducing “Hybrid Services” – An Affordable Preventative-Maintenance Strategy for Computer Systems

How many times has something stopped working like it should?  If you manage an office, have computer problems disrupted your business when something breaks?  How do you get computer problems resolved? In the computer repair business, there are essentially two basic

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The “Hover Check”: Spot Phishing Emails Quickly & Prevent Identity Theft Easily

Republished from a previous posting on 4/12/2009: According to, there are 180 identity thefts happening every minute. Think about that! Every 1/3rd of a second, someone’s identity is stolen. But with some very basic knowledge, you can reduce your risks. One

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Cryptolocker Ransomware – a Real Threat

Yesterday was one of the most stressful days I can remember for us at ClickIT computer repair. A long-time customer, a lawyer in Chagrin, came to us on Monday with the Cryptolocker virus on her laptop.  It is a really bad worm

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